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Male pattern hair loss is a very common condition which can affect some men from their early 20s. Around 50% of all men over the age of 50 experience hair loss and this can even result in psychological problems. Once you begin to lose your hair it is worrying, but there are solutions available.

Hair loss can also affect women, as the condition androgenetic alopecia impacts on both men and women.

Now you can experience the latest hair transplant technique, exclusive in Mexico, at Balmori Aesthetics Center.

What is ZAFIRO FUE Hair Transplant method?

The Zafiro FUE hair transplant technique is the last developed method that proved to be less invasive, more precise and more efficient at recovery time.

The Zafiro FUE technique uses a sapphire tip to make incisions at the sites where the donor site follicle will be implanted.

This has a main advantage, it allows to create a greater density on the transplanted area, resulting on a more natural look of the hair.

ZAFIRO FUE Technique Key Advantages


The procedure that we carry out is simpler, more effective and with a shorter duration compared to other techniques. The patient remains for approximately from 4 up to 6 hours at the procedure.


Creates smaller incisions of the same length of the follicles, which implies less damage to the recipient area.


Thanks to the minimal damaged caused, the after treatment recovery is shorter and smoother.


Allows to transplant follicles with higher density (closer to each other).



Average time spent on Zafiro FUE procedure
0 hs.
Average increase in hair density vs Traditional FUE
+ 0 %
Average increase in hair growth vs Traditional FUE
+ 0 %

How does Zafiro FUE Hair Transplant work?

FUE Hair Transplant removes hair follicles that are healthy and robust from donor sites on the scalp (typically the sides and back of the head) and transplants them to the balding areas of the head. The donor follicles, also known as grafts, are grafted in one-by-one into the scalp. 

Zafiro FUE Technique, Step by Step


Initially, the patient will be evaluated and the area to be transplanted will be marked, creating an implantation line to cover areas that have little or no density. 

After this, the patient is prepared with comfortable clothing, the treatment area is shaved and a solution is applied to allow asepsis and antisepsis.


The Doctor, having finished this process, will make the incisions with a sapphire tip giving direction, angle and density to the area. This procedure lasts approximately 1 hour considering an extensive transplant.

During this procedure, the number of incisions to be made with the support of a nurse will be counted in order to have an accurate number of follicular units that will be transplanted.


At the end of this process, the extraction begins, where the patient will be asked to lie on one side allowing the area to be visualized. Anesthesia is applied to the entire donor area.

When taking effect, with the help of a motorized punch, the entire donor area will be extracted. This process can take up to an hour, in the same way, this will depend on the number of follicular units.

The patient will proceed to lie face down and then on the opposite side to the initial position, and this process will be terminated.


The team will separate the follicles that are unique, double, triple in order to classify them and make decisions about which of each of them will be placed in a specific area. 

This is important, since when an implantation line is carried out, only the single follicles should be considered, this with the intention of having a very natural result.


Once this process is finished, the follicles will be implanted in the recipient area. It is important to mention that none of these processes involves pain or discomfort, in case this happens, more anesthesia will be applied to make this a completely comfortable process.

The insertion lasts approximately one hour and a half, in the same way, these times will depend on the units that are transplanted.

Wait, there is more!
Meet the Ultimate Follicular Regeneration Treatment:


We have an additional procedure unique in Mexico that you can add to your treatment called REGENERA. This serves to multiply the extracted follicles, through a cultivation process, before proceeding to implantation. This means that at the time of transplantation, the number of follicles successfully transplanted is maximized.

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Why choose Balmori Aesthetics Center for your FUE Hair Transplant?

Balmori Aesthetics Center is one of the first clinics in Mexico that is internationally certified to practice ZAFIRO FUE Hair Transplant Technique.

Located in the heart of the nicest neighborhood in Mexico City, Polanco, Balmori Aesthetics Center is fully prepared to receive you with the greatest experience.


I am so grateful with Dr. Balmori and his team. They made me feel comfortable, extremely well-informed and relaxed during the whole process.

Roberto H.

Excellent service, from the beginning during online attention, phone consultation till the whole experience at Dr. Balmori's Center. I recommend it 100%, specially if you want to visit one of the most interesting Latin America's capital cities, and enjoy a very rich culture.

Ismael C.

Amazing experience at Balmori's Center, their staff was so helpful and attentive. Also got a personalized medical session on which Dr. Balmori suggested skin and aesthetics solutions that you can carry out right away at the same place.

Martha R.


Hair transplantation can be performed painlessly because it is performed under local anesthesia or sedation. Balmori Aesthetics Clinic improves patient comfort by performing needle-free anesthesia prior to local anesthesia for a painless local anesthesia procedure.

Hair transplantation operation is performed by a team of specialists, supervised by a doctor. Since this treatment has several phases (anesthesia, implantation preparation, channel opening, etc), a constant supervision is needed and you should certify with the clinic you choose.

Since the hair transplantation is an implementation made with the use of one’s own hair follicles, a natural view occurs after a successful operation. However, unnatural results may occur due to the technique of implementation, planning and lack of experience in the techniques. For a natural look, all processes are important, such as designing the hair front line correctly and choosing the right method according to the frequency requirement.

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